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About West Texas Drum

Mr. C. R. Ridge purchased a struggling Odessa, Texas reconditioning facility in 1986.  Rusty, who studied at Texas A&M and a Baytown native, had previously enjoyed success in the architectural and oil field services industries. His vision for West Texas Drum was guided by customer focus and supported by a keen attention to detail.

A well satisfied Odessa customer base requested, and received, a West Texas facility in the Houston area. The West Texas plant, located in Baytown, Texas has been operational since 2001.

Baytown Plant

Both facilities recondition steel and plastic drums, as well as, offer recycling services for those containers at the end of their life cycle. Pristine plants, redundant containment systems, and customer focused West Texas teams are but a few of the reasons you should consider West Texas Drum for your container needs.

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